Serial Compositions


Serial Compositions
Kyoungtae Kim
April 15 - May 29, 2021 

Vernissage⎢Thurs. April. 15, 18 - 21 hr

Watch the Artist Talk HERE / A photograph artist, Kyoungtae Kim is sharing his insights and artistic approach on the artwork ‘Serial Compositions’. Please turn on the English subtitle in the setting.

Kyoungtae Kim applies a Serial Compositions technique to display a fresh visual perception through the eye of a camera. Serial Compositions makes it difficult for the viewer to know what the actual image or form of an object is, because of the extreme close-up photos of A4 book-size white leaflets.

By using his Focus Stacking* technique, Kim's images show equally distributed focus points on the objects, creating an illusion to the viewers as if they are looking at a graphic image rather than a photograph.

In the exhibition at, the images from the book The Serial Composition becomes more abstract within the DIN A4 format, the actual size of the book object. The physical parts of the printed book, including the cover, pages, fore-edge and its binding, appear very unrealistic or rather graphic. It challenges our visual perception and at the same time attempts to newly transform the visual images shot through the lenses of a camera.

*Focus Stacking: a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a flat perspective image without a vanishing point.


einBuch # 18

The Serial Composition
Kyoungtae Kim 

Hezuk Press, 2018

297 x 210 mm, 16 pp
Signed and numbered edition of 300

Kyoungtae Kim 

Kyoungtae Kim is a photograph artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Kim is interested in the way he observes and perceives the structure of objects or spaces. His work is a process of establishing experiences from observing objects.

He was recently received 11th Doosan Yonkang Artist Award, 2020. Including the solo show ‘Dropping to the Surface(2019)’, Kim’s work has been shown at various exhibitions including the Venice Biennale of Architecture (2018), SeMa, Nam-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Ilmin Museum of Art and Kukje Gallery. Kim has also collaborated with Studio Ossidiana(NL), Team Thursday(NL), RAAAF(NL), IDEA Magazine(JP).

Since 2020, the work ‘Papers and Concrete, 2017’ is part of the collection at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

  • Funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds, das NEUSTART KULTUR-Programm and Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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Exhibition view: Kyoungtae Kim, Serial Compositions, einBuchhaus. 2021 (Photo: Maxim Schulz)



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