Laure Catugier

Laure Catugier (1982, Toulouse, France) lives and works in Berlin. She graduated from the École d’Architecture de Toulouse and the École des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse. As an artist with a background in architecture, Catugier's work conveys the geometric language of modernism. Through diverse media such as photography, video or performance, she questions the perception and representation of spatiality. She examines the functionality of modernist architecture and urban spaces and researches on the global standardisation of construction.

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Claudia de la Torre

Claudia de la Torre (Mexico City 1986 ) creates objects, fields, spaces in relation to the book as a highly historical & contemporary medium, aiming to open a new perspective into what a book can be. 

In artists books and installations, she arranges the material into a new, self-contained whole that is characterised by both: chance and structure, creating new conceptually layered pieces.

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Kyoungtae Kim

Kyoungtae Kim is interested in the way he observes and perceives the structure of objects or spaces. His work is a process of establishing experiences from observing objects. 

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