The Masochist

"The Masochist" is a multi-media installation. An artist's book and sculptural objects form part of a video installation, subverting power relations between 'the haves' and the 'have-nots': revealing...


The book Tidings is a playful exploration of the concept of information overload. The form of the analog book challenges the viewer to actively deal with this flood.


Monk appropriates Kippenberger’s concept from OLD VIENNA POSTERS and uses his poster collection to produce a book and show a room-sized wall installation at 

Up and Coming: Sponsorship Prize for Young Book Design 2023 and Stiftung Buchkunst (German foundation for book design) continue their cooperation with the presentation of the awardees of the 2023 “Sponsorship Prize for Young Book Design”.

ma-eum: Wandering Minds

The picture book is a collection of poems and abstract illustrations that depict the shimmering moments when the mind and the human were one. For the exhibition, Min's...

Grapes and Seeds

The duo exhibition Grapes and Seeds by Rabea Edel (Berlin, DE) and Dongwan Kook (Seoul, KR) addresses how women relate their artistic practice to motherhood or distance themselves from it. 

Being with Others - Zusammensein

For the exhibition Being with Others – Zusammensein invited twelve contemporary artists and publishers who use the book as the main tool for their artistic practice.


In (H)ausdenken, Kamph reflects on the conditions and motives of her own art production. She concentrates on the fact that her works go through a genesis and unfold...

Framing Spaces

Framing Spaces is an exhibition that presents various conceptions and interpretations of space as the framework for art accumulated over the course of three years.

Up and Coming: Sponsorship Prize for Young Book Design 2022 and Stiftung Buchkunst (German foundation for book design) launch new cooperation with an exhibition on the winners of the 2022 Sponsorship Prize for Young Book Design.

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