Being with Others - Zusammensein

For the exhibition Being with Others – Zusammensein invited twelve contemporary artists and publishers who use the book as the main tool for their artistic practice.


In (H)ausdenken, Kamph reflects on the conditions and motives of her own art production. She concentrates on the fact that her works go through a genesis and unfold...

Framing Spaces

Framing Spaces is an exhibition that presents various conceptions and interpretations of space as the framework for art accumulated over the course of three years.

Micro Books - Gumball Universe

Gumball Universe is a project and joint venture by Nina Prader and Malte Spindler, exploring how independent publishing can take the smallest forms with big messages. 

Architecture is frozen music

Laure Catugier presents her first monograph entitled Architecture is Frozen Music, gathering her artistic work of the last ten years. Presented in the form of an e-book (digital...

A book in the form of an exhibition, 2021

To sum up the project series ‘ein Buch in Form einer Ausstellung’ in 2021, we are going to publish our first catalogue.

Paraphrase /ˈpærəfreɪz/

In her research about artist books, An Onghena explores the form and status of books in different contexts. 

How to shoplift books

How to shoplift books by David Horvitz is a comprehensive guide on how to steal books. From the very practical, romantic and to the most imaginative, it gives 80...

The unexpected can occur as long as it follows the logic of things.

Mareike Jacobi explores the possibilities she finds within self-limitation, asking herself what is actually more confining–the framework she has narrowly defined or, even the limits of her own...


Gloria Glitzer understands publications as free and safe spaces in which self-determined political and aesthetic questions are negotiated and social communities are defined through publishing as an artistic...

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