Gloria Glitzer
March 04 - 27, 2021 

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Exhibition Review 'Gloria Glitzer's 'Bliss' comes to life at' by Nina Prader, Berlin Art Link  

exhibition view: Gloria Glitzer 'Bliss',, 2021 (Photo: Mikyung Song)

Hey Bliss!

You say the misery has ended and you love your body as it is. This is very healing and I would like to ask you if you would like to be friends with me? Do you feel like it? Then I am not alone and have company and we can form a community where we take care of each other.

You are really like the sunrise.
Don’t you ever have doubts? I do. I try very hard, but sometimes I feel weak, I have fears, and I don’t feel fit, fit, fit, enough for anything. Just look at me: my body is the product of my work and is becoming more and more the mirror of our society.

Hahahaha when will the collapse come?

Times are just challenging.
But Bliss, please tell me, isn’t there departure, love and being free only for you?

TEXT: Gloria Glitzer

einBuch # 17 

Gloria Glitzer, 2021 

21x29,7cm, 36 pages
Offset + UV varnish on 135g/m²
coated paper, saddle stitched brochure

Open Edition
Creative Commons - BY NC SA 3.0

Gloria Glitzer

Gloria Glitzer

Gloria Glitzer understands publications as free and safe spaces in which self-determined political and aesthetic questions are negotiated and social communities are defined through publishing as an artistic practice.
The publications never refer only to themselves, but reflect critically, ironically, sometimes strikingly and sometimes enigmatically on art, society, the feeling, the object, the ego and always great comrades-in-arms, from music and art. Gloria Glitzer’s publications celebrates their work and wants to express gratitude to them.

Gloria Glitzer is a publisher and avatar of the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke. Founded in 2007, Gloria Glitzer develops, creates, and publishes artzines and artists’ books.

Gloria Glitzer also runs the Risograph printing and design studio We make it and hosts the Herbarium Riso, a public library dedicated to stencil printed artists’ publications.

Since 2015 Moritz Grünke is co-organizer of the Miss Read Festival at HKW, Berlin.

Our various projects confronts us with the roots of the self-publishing. The urge for self-enactment, visibility, accessibility and democra­tization of art and information. But also the low and no budgets, and the need for accessible machines and processes.


  • Funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds, das NEUSTART KULTUR-Programm



Exhibition view: Gloria Glitzer, Bliss, 2021 (Photo: Mikyung Song)

Gloria Glitzer 'Bliss'

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