Katharina Kamph

Nov. 4 - 26, 2022 

Open Studio⎢Sa. Oct. 29, 14 - 16 hr
Vernissage⎢Fr. Nov. 4, 18 - 21 hr
Finissage⎢Sa. Nov. 26, 14 - 16 hr

einBuch.haus / Florastr. 61, 13187 Berlin 

(H)ausdenken* is Katharina Kamph’s second solo exhibition at einBuch.haus. The exhibition consists of two parts, an adaptable, varying part, which will continue to develop until the opening reception, and the presentation of the book Nikolaus, which she created in 2009. In the midst of her working process, the artist invites visitors into an open studio, where they can follow the development of the exhibition. Kamph addresses the question of how or under what conditions she can continue to work with Nikolaus, her first artist book.

With the book Nikolaus Kamph used an iconic house shape as a starting point. She borrowed it from a German game called “Nikolaus house”. The game revolves around drawing a house in a single stroke, while reciting the rhyme "This-is-the-house-of-the-Nikolaus". Kamph takes the house drawing quite literally and uses it as a blueprint to fold a small model of a building – a pointed body, or more precisely a quarter of a pyramid. The artist understands the book as another form of sculpture, as an object with comparable properties to her folded paper artworks. Each book forms a space that exists in our imagination; a space that exemplifies endless possibilities and stands for our thoughts. On the other hand, the book spans space in a very real way. The movable physical object, whose pages are three-dimensional sequences gives a hint at space-time. In order to express the ambiguity of the book, Nikolaus contains a self-assembled sculpture, the Nikolaus house. Depending on its condition, it is sometimes flat, sometimes three-dimensional.

In (H)ausdenken, Kamph reflects on the conditions and motives of her own art production. She concentrates on the fact that her works go through a genesis and unfold in a process-oriented manner.

*The title of the exhibition is a pun with the German word “invent”. If a letter "H" is added to “ausdenken” it changes meaning to “house thinking”.


einBuch #25

Katharina Kamph, 2009

Book sculpture, hand cut und folded
23 cm x 31 cm x 1,5 cm / 23 cm x 31 cm x 16 cm
Hardcover, Self binding
Japan Simili Paper 80 g/sq.m.
Edition: 12+2 AP 


Exhibition view: Katharina Kamph (H)ausdenken, einBuch.haus. 2022 (Photo: Katharina Kamph)

Exhibition View: Katharina Kamph, '(H)ausdenken', einBuch.haus. 2022


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Florastraße 61, 13187 Berlin

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