Audiovisual real-time performance & catalogue release INVISYLLABES - Moving Space by Claudia Schmitz

Sat. Feb 4, 17 - 19 hr / Florastr.61, 13187 Berlin 

Claudia Schmitz - Live Moving Image onto Scultpure
Sabine Ercklentz - trumpet, electronics
Nicola L. Hein - guitar, electronics

On the occasion of the catalogue release INVISYLLABES - Moving Space by Claudia Schmitz, the artist invites Sabine Ercklentz and Nicola L. Hein, with whom she is working together since many years on various projects, to a real-time performance at - the gallery representing her artist's books.

Following the performance, the catalogue INVISYLLABELS published by Kerber Verlag (Design: Dokho Shin) will be presented. 

Invisyllables is the first volume in her monograph, which is based on the concept of an open archive. The three volumes in the archive, entitled Moving Space, Moving Air, Moving Line each convey alternative phenomenological depictions while reciprocally integrating the others. Invisyllables is dedicated to Moving Space and shows current series of work and collaborations of this internationally acclaimed artist.

In conversation with colleagues and with the help of many short comments by international companions, the catalogue invites you on a journey through Claudia Schmitz's oeuvre, which is strongly characterised by collaborative work.

*The event is part of Vorspiel 2023



Claudia Schmitz

Kerber Verlag, 2023

210 × 280 mm, 272 pp; German, English, Spanish
Softcover, bound

ISBN 978-3-7356-0555-9

Text: Koh Dong-Yeon 고동연, Nicola L. Hein, Susanna Schoenberg
Design: Shin Dokho


Performance artists bio 

Sabine Ercklentz

Sabine Ercklentz is a composer, musician and performer living in Berlin. She works both with live electronics and fixed media, frequently collaborating with other artists and in transdisciplinary projects. The choice of format depends on context and is diverse, ranging from concerts and audio-visual works to performances, installations and audio pieces. She is a member of the composer/performer ensemble N.E.W. and the Trio Contagious, among others. Performances and exhibitions (selection)

at A L’ARME Festival, Berlin, Eclat Festival, Stuttgart, Ruhrtriennale, Bochum, CTM, Berlin, AdK, Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Foro International Mexico-City (Mexico), FIMAV Victoriaville (Kanada), Red Cat, Los Angeles (USA), CalArts (USA), Rencontres chorégraphiques, Paris, (Frankreich), Ars Electronica (Österreich), Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Schweden),Taktlos, Zürich (Schweiz), City of Women, Ljubljana (Slowenien), Wittener Tagen für Neue Kammermusik, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Forum Neue Musik, Jazzfestival Moers, Jazztage Leverkusen, Jazzfestival Leipzig, Wie es Ihr gefällt, ZKM Karlsruhe, Tanzplattform Deutschland, Dresden.

Nicola L. Hein 

Nicola L. Hein is a guitarist, sound artist, composer and researcher in music and aesthetics. His work is driven by the interaction of sound and space, light, movement, thought and the becoming of embodied and intermedial intelligence in aesthetic systems, community and technology. In his artistic work he uses physical and electronic extension of the electric guitar, sound installations, cybernetic human-machine interaction with A.I. interactive music systems, Augmented Reality, telematic real-time art, ambisonic sound projection, instrument building, conceptual compositions. Inter-media works with video art, dance, literature and other art forms constitute another focus of his practice. With the support of the Goethe Institute and many other institutions, his artworks have been realized in more than 30 countries worldwide. He worked with many of the world's most established musicians in the field of sound art and improvised music. Furthermore, he works as a researcher in the field of aesthetics, gives lectures at different institutions around the world and, following an invitation of Prof. George E. Lewis, has been a visiting scholar at the music department of Columbia University in New York.

Claudia Schmitz

“My work starts where the media intersect.“

As a timebased media artist, Claudia Schmitz explores paradigms of media translation in a transmedial context - as a solo artist as well as in collaborative projects. She deals with synaesthesia, identity (also by investigating and incorporating human and artificial intelligence), real and virtual spaces (VR/AR), interactivity and reactivity, intermediality, socio-urban structures and questioning hegemonic perception and sustainability. Claudia Schmitz uses pneumatic sculpture, multidimensional drawing, moving image on sculpture and food to make new forms of space, sound and experience accessible. In assuming temporary states, discarding and reinventing themself, her work addresses the oscillation on the degree of being part and not part of the image and explores the radius of media arrangements and the possibility of participation.

Thanks to the support of the Goethe Institute and many other institutions, her work has been developed and exhibited in more than 20 countries. She has received many international awards. Her works are represented internationally in public and private collections.

“I am not interested in the modernity of technology as such but in its capacities for creating new imaginary dimensions. My arrangements constantly assume temporary states, reject and re-invent themselves, exploring the space-time continuum, rendering visible and questioning its borders. They investigate the limitations of media arrangements and modes of participation.“

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Florastraße 61, 13187 Berlin

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