Marc Nagtzaam with Ahorn Books

Book Presentation⎢Thurs. July 6, 18 - 21 hr / Florastr.61, 13187 Berlin 

Artist talk by Marc Nagtzaam and conversation with Anya Jasbar and Daniel Augschöll about the publication Present.

For this publication Nagtzaam made compositions with frames, lines, dots, bars, scribbles, numbers, and pictures, all scanned from magazines and books he found in the library of the Laimun artist-in-residence program in Sardinia (Italy). With an accompanying text about the library by Anya Jasbar.

Design: Marc Nagtzaam & Roger Willems. Edition 400 copies.

Marc Nagtzaam
Ahorn Books x Roma Publications, 2022
215 x 295 mm, 40 pages + insert


Marc Nagtzaam

Born in Helmond, The Netherlands, 1968. Lives and works in Sluiskil, The Netherlands.

Marc Nagtzaam has been producing a body of work that is based on one main subject: the idea of pattern, the repetition. He draws lines, grids, circles, words, or sentences as in an endless search for collecting pieces of information. The repetition and the graphic structure of his works seem reminiscent of minimal and conceptual aesthetics. Most of Marc Nagtzaam’s drawings consist of colorless, darkly filled-in graphite surfaces. Abstracted elements from architecture, graphic design, details from found photographs, or parts from previous drawings are starting points for every series of works. This source material is being reduced, with basic, elementary means: dots, lines, and flat surfaces, to construct a sort of structure. As Nagtzaam himself points out: “I’m looking for representations of a (seemingly) concrete reality as well as I search for images which can only exist as a drawing.”



Ahorn Books

ahorn books is a Berlin-based publishing project focused on the theory of photography, visual and cultural criticism, artist’s books and experimental writing. Founded in 2016 by Daniel Augschöll and Anya Jasbar.


Roma Publications


Roma Publications is an Amsterdam based art book publisher and design studio, founded in 1998 by graphic designer Roger Willems, and artists Mark Manders and Marc Nagtzaam. It is used as a platform to produce and distribute autonomous publications made in close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers. Related to the content, every issue has its own rule of appearance and distribution, varying from house to house papers to exclusive books. The publications so far are in editions between 2 and 150,000 copies. Occasionally, Roma also curates exhibitions.


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