Exhibition View: Kyoungtae Kim. ‘Serial Compositions’, 2021. einBuch.haus


A book in the form of an exhibition

„einBuch.haus“ considers books as art objects which can be curated and presented in exhibition formats, providing immersive experience
between people, objects and spaces.

„einBuch.haus“ offers regular events with a specific artbook concept of selected book in the field of arts and design. Each exhibition or event refers to one book, along with contents and related materials. With an interdisciplinary approach, einbuch.haus are challenged to
communicate both material and visual aspects of reading experience.

A building has its blueprint, frame and materials to become a building, a book also has its own systematic structure such as text, grid and texture to become a book. As if a cluster of buildings form a community where a cultural interplay may begin, the books in the exhibition organised by einbuch.haus encourage the audience to extend their three-dimensional reading experience to become a part of it.



The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition
Kyoungtae Kim
Publishing House
Size, Materials & Language
29,7x21cm, 16 pages, Offset Print, Saddle stitched brochure
Price & Editions
20 euro (7% VAT) / 300 editions
‘Bei 6 bleibt das Feld frei, bei 5 wie bei 4’, Mareike Jacobi, 2019 (Photo: Eric Tschernow)
‘Bei 6 bleibt das Feld frei, bei 5 wie bei 4’, Mareike Jacobi, 2019 (Foto: Eric Tschernow)
'o.T (Schiebepuzzle)’, Mareike Jacobi, 2019
'o.T (Schiebepuzzle)’, Mareike Jacobi, 2019
Pattern Book & Flummis, Mareike Jacobi, 2021
Pattern Book & Flummis, Mareike Jacobi, 2021

Mareike Jacobi

The unexpected can occur as long as it follows the logic of things.

10 June, 2021
10 June - 3 July, 2021
Artist Talk

SUN. 20. June. 15 – 16 hr
An artist talk by Mareike Jacobi at einBuch.haus & ZOOM (DE)

As part of the exhibition programme, Mareike Jacobi will talk about the artist book ‘Pattern Book’ published by Revolver Publishing
The artist talk runs in German.
For our Readers, who can’t visit einBuch.haus in person, we are going to stream the event via ZOOM.

einBuch #19

Pattern Book
Mareike Jacobi


The “Pattern Book” is a central work in Mareike Jacobi’s art practice. In sequences similar to a flip book, the artist arranges variations of geometric patterns into a book. The basis of these patterns is an aleatoric principle of form-finding developed by the artist herself. Changes of direction or the coloring of surfaces can lead to new interpretations of the images. The “Pattern Book“ is a compilation of the first drawings Mareike Jacobi made using her own form-finding process. It therefore represents an important reference for the artist’s serial work.

Text by Elisabeth Pichler

Revolver Publishing, 2020
18x18cm, 158 pages;

*There is a special edition with Flummis on the occasion of the exhibition.


Mareike Jacobi explores the possibilities she finds within self-limitation, asking herself what is actually more confining–the framework she has narrowly defined or, even the limits of her own imagination?

Jacobi’s graphic works are based on an aleatory form-finding process: using a complex set of rules, the artist defines intersections in a grid by using a die. From this basis she creates variations of geometric patterns. It is an interaction of chance, conscious decisions, and unconscious preferences. Mareike Jacobi’s serial work resembles a line of thought that takes different directions and yet finds its way back to the starting point. Patterns are repeated, modified, developed further–sometimes translated into objects or installations, revealing references to related contexts such as play, architecture, or ornament.

The drawings and objects on view in the exhibition “The Unexpected Can Occur as Long as It Follows the Logic of Things” are based on patterns that can also already be found in the artist’s book “Pattern Book”. In the exhibited drawings, the artist adds at least one more rule to the set of rules for generating these patterns. The titles of these works refer to the supplemented rules: “Bei ungeraden Zahlen die Form im Feld schwarz malen” or “Bei einer 6 oder 5 bleibt das Feld frei”. In the installation “Spontane Unordnung” the artist translates shapes from a two-dimensional drawing into three-dimensional objects–Flummis, which due to their different angles and surfaces can jump in different directions and may be used by the visitors of the exhibition. The work “o.T. (Schiebepuzzle)” also actively involves the visitors of the exhibition: by shifting the individual picture elements, new form contexts are created again and again. Is there a correct solution or are all outcomes of equal value?

The ability to recognize patterns is part of the basic cognitive equipment of humans. Jacobi is interested in the possibilities in this process–the moments in which a decision could turn out one way or the other.


Mareike Jacobi

Mareike Jacobi makes drawings. She creates her works with an aleatory form-finding process. Following predefined rules, the drawings are executed almost automatically by the artist. Jacobi is interested in how her conscious decisions, unconscious preferences or something like her personal handwriting appear within this narrowly defined framework. She associates the visual pattern with the concept of “pattern of thought”.

Jacobi lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been shown at SaRang Building in Jogjakarta, Indonesia (2017), Berlin Weekly (2018), Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin (2019) and at the Berlin Paper Positions (2020), among others. In 2019 she was a stipendiary of the Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt. In 2020 her artist book “Pattern Book” was published by Revolver Publishing in Berlin.

Funded by

Stiftung Kunstfonds and das NEUSTART KULTUR-Programm

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