Exhibition View: Kyoungtae Kim. ‘Serial Compositions’, 2021. einBuch.haus


A book in the form of an exhibition

„einBuch.haus“ considers books as art objects which can be curated and presented in exhibition formats, providing immersive experience
between people, objects and spaces.

„einBuch.haus“ offers regular events with a specific artbook concept of selected book in the field of arts and design. Each exhibition or event refers to one book, along with contents and related materials. With an interdisciplinary approach, einbuch.haus are challenged to
communicate both material and visual aspects of reading experience.

A building has its blueprint, frame and materials to become a building, a book also has its own systematic structure such as text, grid and texture to become a book. As if a cluster of buildings form a community where a cultural interplay may begin, the books in the exhibition organised by einbuch.haus encourage the audience to extend their three-dimensional reading experience to become a part of it.



The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition
Kyoungtae Kim
Publishing House
Size, Materials & Language
29,7x21cm, 16 pages, Offset Print, Saddle stitched brochure
Price & Editions
20 euro (7% VAT) / 300 editions


Global Swarming

28 May, 2020
28 - 30 May, 2020

Global Swarming -Theoretical Fun 

Residency Programm: 25 – 30. May
Exhibition with Open Studio: 28 – 30, May

ANDPRESS collective occupied the gallery at einbuch.haus from May 25-30, 2020 for our first show addressing individual and collective authorship and ways of working. Using an open, playful, experimental process, the theme of swarming will be explored and result in a publication and exhibition, expanding the page to space and vice versa.

Swarming is a collective behaviour exhibited by entities which gather together and synchronise their activity towards a common intention without any central coordination involved. It triggers interdisciplinary approaches connecting sociological, biological, mathematical, philosophical and artistic perspectives.

What can we learn from this phenomenon in order to address group dynamics in collaborative (artistic) processes? And which possibilities does the medium of the book and its production techniques and materials open to reflect such processes? Drawing from our diverse tool-boxes of individual creative methods, our research process will become the material itself for our exhibition and publication. Together, we hope to challenge ideas of hierarchy, authorship, coordination, dependency and group intelligence. And have some theoretical fun along the way.


Participating artists
Christine Cheung, Sarah Duby, Kuo-Wei Lin, Anna Gestering, Chien-Wei Liu, Eleni Mouzourou, Elisa Purfürst, Agnes Tam, Ting Tsou.


ANDPRESS is an artist run self-publishing collective based in Berlin and Kyoto. We created ANDPRESS out of the desire to support the production, publication and distribution of printed matter and paper-based work with others in a community setting.

Our platform brings together people with diverse artistic practices, working experimentally in the visual arts, design, performance etc. We aspire to build synergies based on mutually supportive relationships enabling us to collaborate through shared material and intellectual resources.

We focus on artistic approaches to book-making. A large part of our interest lies in the awareness of materiality and in a playful exploration of the medium’s possibilities. We engage in a broader understanding of the medium which challenges categorization in distinct book types and genres and welcomes hybrid forms.

ANDPRESS is initiated by Aki Makita and Eleni Mouzourou.

Christine Cheung, Sarah Duby, Anna Gestering, Kuo-Wei Lin, Chien-Wei Liu, Aki Makita, Marialena Marouda, Eleni Mouzourou, Elisa Purfürst, Agnes Tam, Ting Tsou.

Online Presentation

The virtual exhibition ‘To Spread Deterritorialised Flight by erikA/Elisa Purfürst @ANDPRESS’is on view now.

Online Presentation
Workshop 1: Swarming Exercise DIY

28, May. 14 – 15hr

During this workshop, ANDPRESS members Eleni Mouzourou and Ting Tsou will introduce „Swarming Exercises“, a collection of text-based and visual scores addressing mental and/or physical ways of relating to the phenomenon of swarming. After folding and binding your own copy of Swarming Exercises booklet, we will experiment and practice a selection of scores in a small group.

* Fee: Free
* max. 4 people
* The workshop is the only for adult.

* Please make sure to wear a face mask for participation.



My practice explores perception as an active process through which the multitude of experiences of being in the world can be distilled through the senses in order to generate and share new knowledge. My starting points are often small units of study such as the plants of a small public park, an isolated incident in a no-man’s land, a specific tree type or two maps of the same city.

Ting Tsou is a curator, researcher, and writer based in Berlin and Taipei. Her current research interests are the transdisciplinarity and the presentation/representation in a curatorial situation.



28, May. 16 – 17hr

For one hour, ANDPRESS members Elisa Purfürst and Christine Cheung will host an online game using a collective etherpad in which participants can free associate together in one document, creating a collective word document.

Elisa and Christine will direct the traffic of the free associative word game. Visitors are welcome to drop in and out as they like. The collective words created will be printed and on display at the gallery.

The workshop result can be seen here.



Elisa Purfürst/erikA is a video artist and film editor. They are queer and feminist, playful and thorough and they experiment with audio&video, documentary formats and performance and paper and words and voice and collages. They are a video poet. They are in the growing.

My work has dealt largely with collective memory and perceived mythology through the visual representation of places, and conscious and unconscious states which relate to our surroundings. Questions of freedom, daily anxieties, and the impermanence of life are addressed in a wide range of ephemeral images and works, whether through gestural painting and drawing, found objects or other mediums, revealing a fluidity of identity.

Opening Time

Thur. 28.May
Workshop: 14 – 15 hr
16 – 17 hr
Vernissage: 19 – 22 hr

Fri. 29. May 13 – 19 hr
Sat. 30. May 11 – 16 hr


einbuch.haus / Florastraße 61, 13187 Berlin


Florastraße 61
13187 Berlin

Opening Times
Thurs – Fri, 1 – 7 pm / Sat 12 – 5 pm

and by appointment