Exhibition View: Kyoungtae Kim. ‘Serial Compositions’, 2021. einBuch.haus


A book in the form of an exhibition

„einBuch.haus“ considers books as art objects which can be curated and presented in exhibition formats, providing immersive experience
between people, objects and spaces.

„einBuch.haus“ offers regular events with a specific artbook concept of selected book in the field of arts and design. Each exhibition or event refers to one book, along with contents and related materials. With an interdisciplinary approach, einbuch.haus are challenged to
communicate both material and visual aspects of reading experience.

A building has its blueprint, frame and materials to become a building, a book also has its own systematic structure such as text, grid and texture to become a book. As if a cluster of buildings form a community where a cultural interplay may begin, the books in the exhibition organised by einbuch.haus encourage the audience to extend their three-dimensional reading experience to become a part of it.



The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition by Kyoungtae Kim, Hezukpress, 2018
The Serial Composition
Kyoungtae Kim
Publishing House
Size, Materials & Language
29,7x21cm, 16 pages, Offset Print, Saddle stitched brochure
Price & Editions
20 euro (7% VAT) / 300 editions
Installation view of 'Cities in Flight, or the Satellite Variations' by Claudia de la Torre at einbuch.haus (Photo: Olivia Kwok)
Installation view of 'Cities in Flight, or the Satellite Variations' by Claudia de la Torre at einbuch.haus (Photo: Olivia Kwok)

Claudia de la Torre

Cities in Flight, or the Satellite Variations

21 November, 2019
21 November - 14 December, 2019

Claudia de la Torre’s works often start from a book. She examines the structure and relationship between the surfaces and forms – the book covers, titles, the layout of the individual pages. By means of appropriation and dé- tournement, her work often takes the form of an artist book, a library or an archive. How is our knowledge of the world organized, classified and archived? What are the underlying systems of our knowledge? How do we approach what we learn of the world? For her new work ‘Cities in Flight or The Satellite Variations’, de la Torre takes James Blish’s science fiction novel as a starting point to examine the structure of story-telling and to build up a parallel narrative to the one evident in the story.

By stressing words in the existing storyline, de la Torre develops a parallel world that overlays the pre-existing utopia laid out in the book. Claudia de la Torre suggests one of the boundless possibilities of how the words connect to each other, the variations being almost as infinite as space. She applies the principle of improvisation to a system whose conjunctions are usually ruled by grammar and by a logic reliant on meaning. The words the artist selects are like tones played from a scale that is prescribed by Blish’s selection of words (not forgetting the voices of the readers). While side A of the record reflects a storyline deliberately composed by the artist, side B is constructed by chance of words spinning in an orbit, forming arbitrary alliances. Both storylines captured on the respective sides of the record create a parallel universe spinning around Blish’s story – just as a satellite spins around Earth.


Artist & Publisher

Claudia de la Torre

Berlin-based artist and publisher Claudia de la Torre (1986, Mexico City) studied Fine Arts at the ENPEG ‘La Esmeralda in Mexico City, and holds a masters degree by the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe (Silvia Bächli class). Since 2011 director of the publishing house backbonebooks, having published more than 89 titles and editions.

She has been awarded several scholarships and grants including the Shannon Michael Cane Fellowship – Printed Matter NYC (2018). National Fund for the Arts (FONCA), México (2017), Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg (2016), Frida Kahlo scholarship for woman artists DAAD, Germany (2016) and the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (2016).

de la Torre has been teaching artist books workshops in several places such as the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, HKDM Freiburg and the École Supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes, France. Her work is part of diverse collections including the Thomas J. Watson at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), the Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color – Yale Library, and the MoMa (NYC).


Artist Talk & Book Launch

Saturday, 07. Dec 2019,
2 pm

Artist Talk by Claudia de la Torre

Connected to the exhibition ‘Cities in Flight, or the Satellite Variations‘, Claudia de la Torre will give a talk about the book on display at einbuch.haus. She will also introduce selected editions of backbonebooks to share her knowledge and experience of art bookmaking & publishing.

‘SIDE A’ Book Launch
together with an artist talk

SIDE A has been composed from words out of ‘Cities in Flight’ a four volume Sci-Fi Novel written by James Blish between 1950 and 1962 and published in 1970.

Science Fiction envisions alternative worlds, it opens up new possible realities. This book represents one amongst a potentially unlimited range of possibilities that words and its combinations have to offer.

de la Torre selected each word, page after page words arrange themselves into new constellations of sentences, creating a coherent narrative.

A book is a place. This book is a site-specific work, only possible within this story. This constellations manifest themselves as shapes within the white page, the words floating.

While the word choice is intentional, the black shapes appear as a result of her selection, functioning as arrows pointing into a new direction. she often think about how the pages of the book rub each other, overlapping and creating new layers charged with meaning.


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